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Garden Markers/Garden Stakes/Herbs, Vegetable & Fruit Markers

Garden Markers/Garden Stakes/Herbs, Vegetable & Fruit Markers


Set of 6  Wood Markers of your Choice. Mix between Fruits, Vegetable, & Herbs.  

Measurements:  Height = 22.64"  x Width 5.38" 

Made from Baltic Birch 3/4". 

Due to variations in the wood, your markers may vary from the markers shown.  All Markers are coated with 3 coats of spar urethane to help protect from outdoor weather elements but there is no guarantee how long the wood with withhold.

Choose 6 from this list. Enter in Custom text Field 

Fruits : Apples, Avocados, Bananas, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Cherries, Lemons, Limes, Mangos, Melons, Oranges, Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Raspberries, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Watermelon

Veggies : Beans, Lettuce, Corn, Cucumber, Onions, Pumpkins, Jalapeno, Beets, Cabbage, Peas, Snap Peas, Peppers, Gourds, Potatoes, Radishes, Zucchini, Eggplant, Spinach, Carrots, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Celery, Broccoli, Squash

Herbs: Arugula, Basil, Bay Leaf, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Marjoram, Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Savory, Tarragon, Thyme, English Thyme


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