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Round Wood Signs

Round Wood Signs

PriceFrom $75.00

Wood sign is engraved with your very own personalized design or words. These signs are the perfect gift for Weddings, Birthdays, House Warming, or any occasion. 

Customize to fit your special occasion. 

  • Natural Wood

    Because we use natural wood, there may be imperfections such as bumps or knots.  There are no two pieces of wood that are the same.  The grain and differenct characters in the wood is what makes them unique. 

    If you decide to include a top coat for outdoor use, it does not guarantee full protection against water, uv rays and moisture.  It is an added protection to help with the weather conditions and should be reapplied periodically. 

    Size of rounds varies from 17"-18" or 23"-24" 

    Thickness = 1" 

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